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Blended Reality


The Blended Reality Laboratory is an applied research hub for those exploring ideas that operate at the intersection of real and virtual worlds. Located at the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM), the Blended Reality Laboratory draws upon CCAM’s mission to connect the arts and sciences through experimental technology and collaborative research. The laboratory and its projects are underwritten through a hybrid structure of academic, industry, and applied research support including an ongoing partnership with HP Inc. (HP)

Using augmented reality, virtual reality, and machine learning, the lab works to help faculty and students incubate new projects while also supporting existing projects that have evolved out of the program.  Alumni of the program continue to be involved and act as mentors for new members.

Access to the laboratory is for authorized students and faculty actively working on a collaborative Blended Reality project. Instructions for how to participate and get involved will be shared here as soon as the details are finalized.

Participants of all backgrounds, orientations, and ethnicities are welcome.  Preference will be given to those projects that are collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature.

To get involved visit us at 149 York Street or contact Justin Berry at

Current Research Themes

The Machine as a Mind

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Emergent Play

Play is one the primary means by which we learn to navigate the world around us, it is the way that we poke and prod at... Read more...

Spatial Gestures

With new media such as AR and VR we are no longer working with two dimensional abstractions, when we model a building we can... Read more...

(Re) Constructing Industry

Industry in a global economy is vast and highly distributed.  At the same time, that large scale requires every element to... Read more...

Digitizing the Material World

It has been said that when we change the way that we see the world, the world that we see changes.  Using new technologies... Read more...

The Environment

A saying that we reference often at the Blended Reality Laboratory is that when you change the way you see the world the world... Read more...

XR in Teaching

What benefits does the use of XR bring to learning? XR is transforming the classroom in higher education by providing new ways... Read more...

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