(Re) Constructing Industry

Industry in a global economy is vast and highly distributed.  At the same time, that large scale requires every element to be consistent and predictable and very often a single factory will be making the components that serve an enormous number of companies and products.  For new ideas to develop and change the industrial landscape many elements need to be in place culturally, technologically, and logistically.  We bring together people from diverse disciplines that need support creating a foundation for experiences and interfaces that are worth doing and that make sense, but that are far enough ahead of the curve that they need a helping hand to get on their feet.


Example Projects:

Printing Living Tissue

Dr. John Geibel is printing living tissue using 3D printers. His team has successfully printed new aortas for animals and those animals have not only survived but thrived. If successful, and approved, this technology could be used for real time production of tissue grafts during surgery using a handheld device. 


  • John Geibel, MD, Director of the John B. Pierce Laboratory,
  • Bruce Davis, Associate Research Scientist of Surgery, Yale School of Medicine 
  • Brian Wengerter, Surgical Resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital
  • Muyoka Maina,  M.H.S ‘19, Yale School of Medicine 
  • Michele Finotti, University of Padova
  • Maria Barahona, Hospital Resident, Yale School of Medicine 
  • Taras Lysyy,  Associate Research Scientist of Surgery, Yale School of Medicine 
  • Ava Niknahad, Yale College ‘21
  • Abel Negussie, Yale College ‘22, 
  • Grayson Wagner, Yale College ‘23 
  • Joseph Zinter, Assistant Director CEID, Yale Center for Engineering and Innovative Design


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