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The Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM) at Yale University is an experiment center for visual art, computer science, music, architecture, film and video, theater and dance, and literature. A wing of Yale Arts, it does not provide curriculum, but instead focuses on guiding students and visiting artists in expanding and exploring all manner of projects. 



Located at 149 York Street in New Haven, the 5,000 square foot space boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a motion capture studio, immersive media research, projection mapping system, creative suites, computerized audio and light systems, video studio, equipment lending library, wide-format printers, open workspace labs, and exhibition gallery. CCAM shares the modernist concrete building (once home to the Yale University Press) with the Yale School of Drama. 



CCAM is currently led with the vision of the artist and architect Dana Karwas. Long attuned to the creation and production of interdisciplinary arts, Karwas sees the center in the spirit of a Kunsthalle: while not a formal institution, there are associated artists, scientists, faculty, symposium, studios, and workshops. Community is an essential component: CCAM experiments with and presents new work in original ways, enhancing these discoveries with discussions, demos, and screenings.  



CCAM creates opportunities and room to play with ideas. There is an open door policy: resources are available to all Yale students, faculty, and staff. The projects brought in can be in development or in progress, or completed and shared. Programming is free and open to the Yale community with select programs open to the public. Beyond the Yale campus, CCAM also holds special events and partner exhibitions nationally and abroad.



Check out these Fall 2019 Yale courses being taught at CCAM!




Image of the CCAM Star as an animated gif showing the interaction of the disciplines to collaborative opportunities





The World of CCAM

The interdisciplinary world of CCAM is expressed above as an animated graphic inspired by Paul Klee's Bauhaus Star. Paul Klee sketched the Bauhaus Star (lower right) as a celestial response to the Buahuas curriculum structure diagram by Walter Gropius (lower left). The CCAM version of Klee’s star presents the dynamic, generative world for CCAM. The interdisciplinary interaction between the various disciplines and agents reinforce and permeate each other. At CCAM these interdisciplinary interactions are suffused and supported by an atmosphere of technology and experimentation. The center of the star represents the goals of CCAM, where generating collaborative projects and research are central to our mission. 



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