CCAM Policies

General Use Policies

The CCAM is a program of the Yale College Dean’s Office. Users of any CCAM resource including production equipment, lab facilities, and studio spaces must comply with all applicable laws, rules and guidelines of the center, and policies and conditions as outlined by university policy. These considerations include but are not limited to the areas outlined below.


Arts activities are a vital part of student life at Yale. The center serves all Yale students who are actively enrolled in curricular study at the university. The center maintains regular hours of operation weekdays 8am-12am, and weekends 11am-12am. In order to maintain equity in access to opportunities at the center, this policy applies for students on leave or non affiliated individuals.


Any use or rental of equipment at the CCAM must be in compliance all Yale College Regulations.

Equipment rentals are managed by the Yale ITS Student Technology Collaborative and are additionally subject to compliance with all rules and regulations of that program.

Student Insurance

Insurance is strongly recommended for use and rental of CCAM equipment. Insurance is required for extended loans and oversees travel with CCAM equipment resources. Students should ensure coverage before borrowing equipment; in some cases, proof of coverage may be required to before access to equipment is granted. Many students secure relatively affordable coverage through HF&C policy options.

Acknowledgment / Credit Guidelines

When producing video content at the CCAM for public display, we ask that you follow these guidelines for crediting the center.

Labs and Studios

View our Lab and Studio spaces on the Resources page

Prop Weapon and Staged Combat Policy

Students wishing to use prop weapons on campus must abide by all the policies and protocols found in the Undergraduate Filmmaking Prop Weapon and Staged Combat Policy. If prop weapon use is planned as part of a film production then a Film Prop Weapons Request needs to be submitted by the CPA deadline at the beginning of the semester in which the filming will occur. CPA deadlines are in January and September. Exact deadlines are published here.

Rights and Clearance

All projects pursued at the CCAM must follow the center’s Rights and Clearance regulations.

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