Rights and Clearance Regulations

All users of the DMCA must abide by both University regulations and all applicable laws relating to use-clearance, copyright and intellectual property rights (domestic and international).

These considerations include but are not limited to the following:

Guidelines for Use of the Yale Name

The Yale name, brand or other identifying feature may not appear in your recordings (still, video, audio, etc.) without permission.

Filming at Yale

No production may occur on non-publicly accessible Yale property without permission of the authority controlling that space.

Filming in New Haven or Filming in New York

It is recommended that signed location release forms be secured for any production conducted on non-Yale private property.

Universal Release

It is recommended that signed release forms are secured for all models and participants in your recordings (still, video, audio, etc.).

Guidelines to Rights Clearance

Including material you do not own (i.e. did not create) in a work made at the DMCA requires appropriate copyright clearance or licenses. This applies to the repurposing of all video, stills, audio, text, 3D Models, etc. obtained from any source. Note that ‘Fair Use’ and ‘Educational Use ‘ are not exclusionary principals. If in doubt consult a legal expert These guidelines are not exhaustive and do not exempt you from other local, state and international laws. It is the responsibility of the User to contact the relevant authorities when in doubt.

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