Past Events

  • CCAM Yard Sale

    May 8, 2024  |  12:00pm

    CCAM is cleaning out our equipment and supply rooms!

    Stop by next Wednesday to browse an array of equipment, art supplies, and random gear and knickknacks—all available for purchase at affordable prices.

    The sale is open to all! Please note that payment is by card only.

  • CCAM Sound Art Series: Bill Fontana

    April 19, 2024  |  7:00pm

    Bill Fontana has been a pioneer of sound art since the 1970s. Using sound as a sculptural medium, he reveals hidden acoustic worlds and transforms the way we perceive the visual and architectural spaces around us. His works have been installed at SFMOMA and across the globe, from the Brooklyn... Learn more...

  • Fellowships for Filmmakers

    April 19, 2024  |  12:00pm

    Join us for an introduction to the fellowships available to the filmmakers at Yale.

    We will discuss fellowships, what they are, and answer any questions.

    This is a discussion hosted by CCAM, led by Jill Carrera with Susan Youssef.

    Jill Carrera (she/they) is Senior... Learn more...

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