Remote Workstations MAC

Connecting to a Virtual Workstation: Access is only available while on campus network. While off campus, you connect with an active VPN Connection.


Step 1: Download the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” application from Apple’s App Store and install on your computer. Do not use the one that comes with the Apple laptop.



Step 2: Open the Remote Desktop Application and click the new + button at the top. You may also hit “Add PC”



Step 3: Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and type in the following information into the Remote Desktop Client.  

  • In the field PC Name, type in the Virtual workstation name or IP Address you want to use.  For example:

  • In the field Friendly Name: You may give that connection a nickname.



Step 4: Close the settings window and double click on the newly created remote desktop connection. Login with your Yale University NetID and Password or provided Username and password.

Note for your NetID, input “Yale\NetID”  Replace NetID with your Yale NetID





Step 5: You will be prompted to Verify Certificate, just click Continue. The virtual machine will have a white background and be inside a window.



***When done, please remember to logout of the windows machine before closing your window.  This machine will automatically logout after 8 hours of use. Also, please do not terminate another student’s remote session. 




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