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  • EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, October 2019, Chicago, IL
  • A Toolkit for an Immersive VR/AR Experience: The Verb Collective, Justin Berry, Randall Rode,–the-verb-collectiveView poster
  • HP, Yale and UNL Team Up on Blended Reality, Megan Elliott, Kel O’Neill, Eline Jongsma and Randall Rode,
  • IEEE Games Entertainment and Media Conference June 2019, New Haven, CT
  • THE VERB COLLECTIVE // Justin Berry, Bobby Berry (Platforms for Learning)
  • BEYOND IMITATION: GENERATIVE AND VARIATIONAL CHOREOGRAPHY VIA MACHINE LEARNING // Mariel Pettee, Chase Shimmin, Douglas Duhaime, Ilya Vidrin (New Performance Practices)
  • CLAMSHELL // Justin Berry, Lance Wertes-Chantilly, Isaac Shelanski, Sara Abespour  (Expressive Interfaces)
  • MODE 2019, Wellington, New Zealand, Massey University
  • Labyrinths: Reimagining Exhibition Platforms for Artists in Virtual Reality, Johannes DeYoung, Justin Berry, Lance Chantiles-Wertz, Jack Wesson, Adam Moftah
  • 10th International Conference on Computational Creativity, UNC Charlotte, North Carolina | June 17 –June 21, 2019 
  • Beyond Imitation: Generative and Variational Choreography via Machine Learning, Mariel Pettee, Chase Shimmin, Douglas Duhaime, Ilya Vidrin—,
  • NERCOMP professional development workshop, December 2018, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
  • Designing Immersive Empathy 360-VR Experiences: An Experiential, Facilitated Approach, Randall Rode, Justin Berry, participating presenters. 
  • Educause Annual Conference, November 2018, Denver, CO
  • Mixed Reality Technology Innovation Case Studies in Higher Ed, Randall Rode, panelist 
  • Blended Reality Summit, June 2018, Yale University.
  • A two-day meeting of 20 higher-education institutions, focused on practical applications of virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D print technologies in a university setting.  Justin Berry, Randall Rode, organizers/presenters.
  • EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2017, November 2017, Philadelphia, PA,
  • HP and Yale Team Up to Create a Blended Reality Future, Randall Rode
  • NERCOMP professional development workshop, May 2017, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
  • Virtual Reality and 3D Technologies for the Arts and Humanities Classroom, Justin Berry, Randall Rode, Marta Figlerowicz, Ayesha Ramachandran


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