Temporary Experts

Temporary Experts are a cohort of undergraduate and graduate student workers who assist the CCAM Director and staff with projects including managing and documenting special events and exhibitions; maintaining the CCAM Library in Residence; producing content for the CCAM’s social media accounts; conducting CCAM-related research; completing small prototyping projects; and other organizational tasks.

Applications to become a Temporary Expert for the upcoming academic year are posted to this page in the second week of September.


Chiara Amisola, Saybrook ‘22

Kennedy Bennett, Davenport ‘22

Nicole Blackwood, Jonathan Edwards ‘20

Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos, Trumbull ‘22

Miki Cornwell, Ezra Stiles ‘21

Sophia DeVito, Trumbull ‘22

Olivia Drubner, Silliman ‘21

Cathryn Seibert, Jonathan Edwards ‘22

Slater Smith, Silliman ‘21

Josh van Biema, Saybrook ‘20

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