Visiting Artist Workshop: Brody Condon

Thursday, November 29, 2018 to Saturday, December 1, 2018
11:00AM to 6:00PM

Brody Condon is a Berlin-based artist whose work is best known for its influence on the re-purposing of existing pop cultural material (often computer and LARP games) to create performative situations, video, and sculpture. His workshop at CCAM will address research practices in experimental psychology as possible models for artistic practice. The experience will take place in two sessions. On Thursday, November 29 at 11am, participants will join Condon in conversation with Dr. John Bargh, the director of the Automaticity in Cognition, Motivation, and Evaluation Lab at Yale. This conversation will be followed by a group visit to the Belief, Learning, and Memory Lab, directed by Dr. Philip Corlett.

On Saturday, December 1, from 10am— 6pm, Condon will lead participants in a workshop at CCAM’s Leeds Studio. Outside of learning more about the specific research content observed during the aforementioned lab visit, the focus of this workshop will be the process of experiment design, implementation, and how the resulting (especially) qualitative data is later disseminated. Rather than simply illustrate a specific theory, the hope is to consider Dr. Bargh’s and Dr. Corlett’s methodologies as possible tools for artistic practice. This workshop will utilize CCAM’s Motion Capture/VR facilities, and will include videographically documented performative elements. This workshop will utilize CCAM’s Leeds Motion Capture Studio, and will involve videographically documented performative elements.

*Note: Registration is now closed for this workshop.

Visiting Artist Workshop: Brody Condon

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