Liminal Views: A Showcase of Work from the Blended Reality Research Project

Friday, April 26, 2019
5:00PM to 7:00PM

“Liminal Views” presents student and faculty research work, developed under the Blended Reality applied research project.  The immersive experiences explore applied uses of virtual reality, augmented reality, spatial sound, motion capture and other emerging 3D technologies.  Through these technologies, the viewer can learn from medical simulations, visualize the analysis of dance movements, experience soothing worlds for pediatric cancer patients and visit creative virtual workspaces. Come explore the boundaries between virtual and physical worlds, meet the researchers, and immerse yourself in these cutting-edge experiences. All are welcome; special refreshments will be provided in the CCAM Garden!

A few of the projects that will be on display include:

DEEP DIVE- An immersive exploration of novel interactions in a digital environment;

BEYOND IMITATION- A team of dance artists, particle physicists, and machine learning researchers has collectively developed several tools to generate novel sequences of choreography as well as variations on a given dance phrase using neural network-based architectures;

CLAMSHELL CONTROLLER- A custom designed electronic interface device to feed remote sensor data into an immersive experience simulation;

SOUND STORYTELLING- Explorations in capturing and sharing ethnographic field work with 360 video;

VERB COLLECTIVE- A collaborative spatial audio and video experience exploring shared virtual reality environments;

MEDICAL TRAINING SIMULATION- Utilizing the Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headset to overlay medical training scenarios onto a real-world medical setting; and


Liminal Views: A Showcase of Work from the Blended Reality Research Project

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