COVID 19 Filmmaking Policies

All filmmaking must be conducted in compliance with COVID-19 policies and laws, including masking and group gathering limits. Yale filmmaking must follow the below procedures.

Yale College film projects are eligible for Creative and Performing Arts awards.

Please contact Dean Kate Krier with questions about filmmaking during COVID.

NOTE: CCAM Lending Lab equipment is only available for checkout to enrolled (not on leave) students.

All Yale filmmakers and users of CCAM equipment agree to abide by the following policies:

  • Filmmakers will conduct all film production in accordance with current state and local guidelines at filming locations.
  • Filmmakers will conduct all film production in accordance with the Yale Community Compact regardless of filming location.
  • Filmmakers will conduct all film production in accordance with Yale Events, Gatherings, and Meetings Protocols regardless of filming location. Filmmakers will carefully monitor guidance on maximum gathering capacity and adapt filming plans to follow that guidance on set.
  • Filmmakers will abide by any health and safety measures the university requires for return to campus after travel outside Connecticut, which may include testing and quarantine.
  • Per the Community Compact, all cast and production team members are required to wear a mask while indoors, regardless of location. The only exception to the masking requirement is for individuals alone or with roommates, while in their own living spaces.
  • Filmmakers will continuously monitor public health conditions and guidelines, updating or canceling production if public health conditions and guidelines dictate.

Additional permissions, with additional safety measures, may be granted to senior project films in recognition of the capstone nature of that work. Filmmakers may submit a request to use unmasked actors to the COVID Review Team by using this form. Students should consult with Jon Andrews before submitting the form.

When given, the permission to use unmasked actors must follow these guidelines:

  • Actors approved for unmasked work must be vaccinated, and provide proof of vaccination.
  • Student actors approved for unmasked work will be enrolled in 2x weekly COVID testing from a week before filming begins to a week after filming ends.
  • Actors for unmasked work must remain masked at all times other than during the active filming of the scene/s.
  • Twelve feet of distance between unmasked actors and film crew is recommended, if practicable.
  • All indoor locations for unmasked filming must be on the Yale campus.

Proposal should be submitted at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the proposed filming.

Please contact Dean Kate Krier for more information. 

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