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In person CCAM computer lab use is not permitted in the spring 2021 semester, for reasons of public safety during COVID-19.  Our new Satellite Lab consists of powerful cloud-based and remote computing workstations. Curricular use of the CCAM Satellite Lab is available to designated enrolled students.
NOTE: Access to the CCAM Satellite Lab is only available to enrolled (not on leave) students. Additionally, students must be enrolled in a course that is designated for CCAM Satellite Lab use. Requests for student access must be submitted by the faculty member. Please direct inquiries regarding the Satellite Lab to CCAM Technical Manager Brittany Bland (

The CCAM Satellite Lab has two virtual computing orbits:

  • My Apps CCAM Suite is a virtual desktop service provided by Yale University with custom software specific to CCAM. We are working closely with ITS to tailor the experience towards curricular needs of the courses we support.
  • CCAM Remote Workstations are extensions of our computer lab and media lab physical workstations. The CCAM Remote Workstations are accessed through a screen share service and can be scheduled in four hour increments for our users. 
With these virtual computing solutions, the goal of the CCAM Satellite Lab is to provide up-to-date software and computing power for students’ curricular activities this fall. 

My Apps CCAM Suite

To support the needs of students this fall the CCAM is providing access to a virtual desktop created through the Yale My Apps service. My Apps is provided to all Yale students, faculty, staff, and researchers. The CCAM’s My Apps virtual desktop is a Windows 10 environment fitted with software that may be used for image editing, video editing, animation, and sound production editing projects. Access to the virtual desktop is available through any computer on the Yale network or connected to the VPN.

Access to the CCAM My Apps Suite is for designated CCAM related courses only. Please check with your faculty member to gain access to our My Apps environment. For interested faculty, if you would like your course to be added to the list of approved courses please contact CCAM Technical Manager (

Learn more about about My Apps at Yale

Learn how to get started with My Apps at Yale

Remote Workstations

To support the needs of students this fall the CCAM has converted our computers into Remote Workstations. The workstations are physical computers located in the Media and Computer Lab that users can remote into through a screen share service. The workstations are fitted with software that may be used for visual, video, animation, VR, and sound production editing projects. The workstations are accessible through Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) by computer on the Yale network or VPN. The CCAM’s Remote Workstations are still in production. We will be updating the website in the future with more information.

Use Policy

Users may may log in to the Remote Workstations through the Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). When you log in through RDC if another user is logged into that machine you will be asked if you want to end the existing session. Please do not boot other users from their sessions. It is extremely important that you start and end your session on time. Users may check out a computer for 4 hour intervals. Please do not sign up for consecutive intervals or simultaneous use; we want this resource to be available to as many students as possible. Inability to respect this resources and the time of the people waiting to use it will result in loss of access to our workstations. 

Reserving Remote Workstations

We use calendy to book the Remote Workstations. You will not be able to sign into remote workstations if you are not in an approved course. For faculty, if you would like access for your course, please contact CCAM Technical Manager Brittany Bland (

Scheduling Links: 

Reserve Pavo

Reserve Auriga

Reserve Vulpecula

Reserve Libra 


Connecting to Remote Workstations

To connect to the Remote Workstations: Access to the workstations is available to any computer connected to the Yale network. If you are off campus you must connect through the Yale VPN. Once you have you are on the yale network you can open RDC and enter the Computer name or IP Address into the field that says “Computer” and hit connect.

Click here to learn how to use the Yale VPN

Click here to learn how to access RDC from a PC

Click here to learn how to access RDC from a Mac

Available Workstations (PC and MAC)


  1. Pavo -
  2. Auriga -
  3. Vulpecula -
  4. Libra - 


Please check back for available computers.

Available Software

Adobe Creative Suite 



AutoDesk Suite

  • Recap Photo
  • Motion Builder
  • Mudbox
  • Maya



OBS Studio





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