On October 28, 2019 CCAM introduced a new journal, Maquette. The journal covers the people and happenings at CCAM. Maquette is CCAM’s first publication, led by CCAM Director Dana Karwas and edited by CCAM Writer in Residence Alex Zafiris. The journal documents the outstanding community that orbits around CCAM. 

The first issue, launched online, includes a Q&A interview with the dancer and choreographer Eleanor Bauer on her contribution to Matthew Barney’s recent work, Redoubt, with Molleen Theodore, Associate Curator of Programs at Yale University Art Gallery; a visual essay of the Yale Wright Laboratory, the physics research institute, by photographer Monique Atherton; check-ins from CCAM collaborators on their current projects, including Yale School of Drama’s Matthew Suttor on his upcoming opera on Alan Turing; Innovation Fellow Bobby Berry’s thoughts on AI and art in the marketplace; process texts by CCAM artists and students, such as CCAM Core Faculty Justin Berry on his Verb Collective, Yale Dance Studies Director Emily Coates on her performance reconstruction with Yvonne Rainer and her film with John Lucas, and Yale Department of Music’s Konrad Kaczmarek on his most recent artwork, Imitative Counterpoint. Non-Yale-affiliated contributors are also invited to participate: the writer Lauren LeBlanc considers the pioneering technological talents of the 19th century dancer Loïe Fuller and their relation to feminism. Maquette is the platform which will share all of these extraordinary projects with the world.
Graduate student Christian Weber builds sensors for the ATLAS particle physics experiment at CERN.

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