Dana Karwas


Dana Karwas is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. She holds an MPS from Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kansas. Her creative practice is centered around human reference frames, with a specific interest in the boundaries of sensory perception and rendering the invisible visible.

Core Faculty and Staff

Justin Berry

Critic, Yale School of Art

Justin Berry is an interdisciplinary artist and NYFA artist’s fellowship recipient. His work has been exhibited internationally in various venues, with work recently on view at CAVE in Detroit, CUAC in Salt Lake City, and at the University of Richmond Art Museum. Recent issues of Frieze, Pin-up magazine, Media-N, and Prattfolio included features on his work and Bomb Magazine commisioned the piece from him as part of their portfolio series in 2013.

Christopher Mir

Programs Manager

Christopher Mir is a painter, musician, and digital media devotee. He received an MFA from Boston University in Painting and Printmaking and a BFA in Painting and Anthropology from Marlboro College. His work embodies the interaction between the digital sphere and the numinous. Subject matter for paintings is drawn from a myriad of sources including printed photographs, film and video screen captures, and social media.

Brittany Bland

Technical Manager
Brittany Bland is a projection designer and technician specializing in theater, dance, opera, and visual art. As an artist, she strives for the technological to reconnect or uplift the human experience. Her work often explores memory, metamorphosis and visual storytelling. Currently, she is interested in researching art that can illustrate and inform changes in our climate through generative design.

Aaron Peirano Garrison

Film Advisor

Aaron Peirano Garrison explores new and traditional story forms in film and media. He is fascinated by how story-telling through images creates connections inter-culturally and across time. His globally minded practice is informed by a life-long passion for social and cross-cultural engagement and by his prior background in international humanitarian fieldwork in South East Asia, Central and South America.

Residents and Fellows

Bobby Berry

Innovation Fellow

Bobby Berry, an interdisciplinary artist and Yale graduate, is the CCAM and Tsai CITY (Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale) Innovation Fellow, in partnership with the Office of the Secretary and Vice President for Student Life, Belonging at Yale. After graduating from Yale College with a degree in Computing and the Arts, he continued to work within the Yale community on projects in Immersive Media. 

Simone Cutri

Design Fellow

Simone Cutrí is an Italian Designer currently based in Brooklyn (NY). He hold a BA from ISIA Urbino and an MFA from Yale School of Art, both in Graphic Design. He is currently working with no-profit organizations, architecture firms and interactive agency to expand his design practice. 

Alex Zafiris

Writer in Residence

Alex Zafiris is a writer and editor with a focus on art and culture. She has worked in both print and digital publications for over fifteen years. As a writer, Zafiris pays particular attention to emotion, intimacy, and freedom in the context of creative innovation, old and new. This extends to her editorial and management style, which is informed by curiosity, teamwork, and experimentation.


Farid Abdul


Farid Abdul is learning about X Reality technologies and the Unity game engine. He is studying Computer Science at Southern Connecticut State University. His passions include network administration, programming, and flag design.

CCAM Advisory Committee

CCAM Advisory Committee

Daisy Abreu, Phillip Bernstein, Sheila de Bretteville, Marcelo Dietrich, Thomas Allen Harris, Konrad Kaczmarek, Kate Krier, Sarah Oppenheimer, Scott Petersen, Holly Rushmeier,  Shilarna Stokes, Matthew Suttor, Jack Vess, and Joe Zinter

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