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CCAM Temporary Experts support the CCAM staff to ensure that programs, workshops, and CCAM operations run smoothly on a day to day basis. This position provides the opportunity to work as a valued member of a collaborative community and gain hands-on experience across a range of art and tech related disciplines. 
A typical shift includes organizing and stabilizing the CCAM labs and classrooms, tidying up the spaces, greeting visitors, and working with CCAM researchers and staff on projects. A combination of the following tasks may also be included depending on the students incoming area of expertise and interest: 
  • Updating the Machines/ Library in Residence exhibitions
  • Designing and installing exhibitions; Printing and designing posters
  • Greeting visitors
  • Updating the CCAM library
  • Attending CCAM events
  • Taking photos and video recordings
  • Working with the CCAM team to assist in experimental art and tech projects
  • Giving tours to visitors; Helping develop CCAM communication channels on campus
  • Transcribing articles for the CCAM research publication; Writing for the CCAM publication
  • Managing the events on CCAM’s social media channels
  • Assisting on immersive media research
  • Assisting with the motion capture system
  • Assisting faculty using the CCAM classrooms.
To apply, please visit and submit your application by September 15, 2019. 


CCAM Events Assistants support the Programs Manager to ensure that artist talks, performances, workshops, and other special events run smoothly from beginning to end. This position provides the opportunity to work as a valued member of a collaborative and multidisciplinary community and gain hands-on experience in the arts field.
A typical shift includes:
  • Setting up chairs and tables for audiences ranging from ten to sixty people
  • Receiving and setting out catering orders
  • Assisting presenters with the use of the audio-visual equipment in CCAM’s Leeds Studio
  • Greeting guests at the door and answering their questions as needed
  • Being present throughout the presentation
  • And restoring CCAM spaces to their original condition post-event

Additionally, Events Assistants will be expected to help promote CCAM’s programming by creating original posts on the center’s social media channels including Facebook and Twitter and acting as informal ambassadors for the center. 

To apply, please visit and submit your application by September 15, 2019. Questions may be directed to

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